How Much Does an Akita Cost?

The average cost of an Akita puppy in the U.S. is around $788 to $1,261. Of course, you can always call multiple breeders by reaching out to them in the Yellow Pages or through the back-end classifieds ads in the local newspaper. You can also try puppy mills, pet shops, and breeders. Some of these entities, i.e., puppy mills, have negative connotations, but it should be noted that it’s useful as a term for locating good and responsible breeders on the Internet. Sometimes, so-called puppy mills are unfairly mischaracterized by overzealous animal rights activists. If you want to get a great deal on an Akita puppy, consider a so-called “puppy mill”. You can usually find a good, well-bred Akita puppy for around $800 to $900. Another estimate, for a well-bred Akita puppy, in good health, with nice parents, will be around $800 to $1,500. The price has actually gone up for an Akita since the movie, Hachi, came out. Hachi was a movie starring Richard Gere, and it was a heart-warming tale, pun intended, of how loyal an Akita was. It was based on a true story, and it demonstrated to audiences worldwide how loyal the Akita temperament really was.

If you check out the online pet classifieds, you will see that most of the prices are at around $850. That’s a fair price to pay for an Akita puppy in good condition. You don’t want to pay much more than that unless the breeder can list some pretty good selling points, e.g., some reasons why purchasing from him is a much better decision, because the fair market value is around $850. You might see prices that range all the way from $500 to $2,000 in your search for an Akita puppy. $500 is a little low for one, and the breeder might not be making much money. The $2,000 price tag is way over the top, and it would be more appropriate to see $1,500 as an upper end of the price range. However, the $2,000 price is noted because some breeders do charge that much.

You can get Akitas for a lot cheaper if you go to a rescue. It might not be a puppy, but you can get one for around $200 or $300 if you check out a rescue. Rescues are places where unwanted dogs go, and you might be able to pick out a really good one, that someone merely didn’t want, or was found wandering on the streets, for a noticeably cheaper price. That’s sometimes the best option for people who are struggling with coming up with the money for a brand new Akita puppy. Just make sure you can get some information on whether the Akita you are getting is safe or has had behavioral problems prior to you purchasing it then. The last thing you want is to have to deal with a troublesome Akita. They can have a pretty rough temperament if they are treated wrongly in their early years growing up.