Quick Answer: What Dog Breed Does Sunny Have In The Book Runaway Twin?

Who is the main character in runaway twin?

Sunny Skyland longs to be reunited with her twin sister, Starr. With only an old photograph, taken a few days before the girls were separated at age three, to guide her, Sunny begins the cross-country journey that she has dreamed of during her ten years in various foster homes.

How old is sunny in runaway twin?

About Runaway Twin Thirteen-year-old Sunny runs away from her current foster parent in search of her twin sister, from whom she was separated ten years earlier. On the way, she’ll face a tornado, bullies, and a stray dog- and the fact that her sister may not be who Sunny hoped she would be.

Where does the book Runaway twin take place?

Sunny says that Rita is the best foster parent yet. This book takes place in Nebraska and Enumclaw, Washington. In Nebraska, over where Sunny lives it takes place at Rita’s house. In Enumclaw,Washington, over where Starr lives, it takes place at Mrs.

What are the characters in runaway twin?


  • Characters: Sunny Skyland. Starr Skyland. RIta. Snickers.
  • Conflict: Sunny Skyland wants to go find her long lost twin sister.
  • Setting: Nebraska to Enumclaw Washington.
  • POV: Sunny Skylands first person point of view.
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When was runaway twin published?


Who is the author of runaway twin?

About the Author Peg Kehret was born in Wisconsin, grew up in Minnesota, spent fourteen years in California, and now lives with her husband in Washington State.

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