Quick Answer: Dark Matter Why Did Four Kill Akita?

Does NYX die in dark matter?

In Episode Twenty-Six, Nyx was poisoned by Misaki Han-Shireikan. In Episode Twenty-Seven, Nyx’s death was confirmed but the crew believed Ryo was the one who killed her. Two, suffering from oxygen deprivation and severe guilt, hallucinates Nyx. Two says her good byes and kisses her.

Does 1 die in dark matter?

Later, One gets ready to leave to return to his old life. He answers the door only to be met by Jace Corso, who pulls a gun on him. One is fatally shot four times in the chest and once in the head.

Does Ryo die in dark matter?

Dark Matter concluded two back-to-back episodes with one of its most shocking and violent endings yet. After taking back the throne of Zairon, Ryo Ishida (Alex Mallari Jr.) –no longer the Four we knew–had the Empress (Mung-Ling Tsui) and his half-brother Hiro (Karl Ang) brutally executed.

Does Two die in Dark Matter?

In Episode Ten, Two was blown into space after a group of mercenaries the team had been working alongside on the orders of Commander Delaney Truffault turned on the team. In Episode Eleven, it was revealed that Two had managed to survive being blown into space due to the fact that she was a very advanced synthetic.

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Who is fives sister?

Season 2. In Episode Fourteen, Six informs Five that her real name is Emily Kolburn and that she is sixteen years old.

Who is the traitor in Dark Matter?

In Episode Thirteen, Griffin was revealed to have been the traitor of the crew. Delivering the Raza into the hands of the Galactic Authority. Six’s past is revealed. He is Kal Varrik, an undercover cop for the Galactic Authority.

Who killed one’s wife in Dark Matter?

In Episode Eight, it was revealed that Catherine was murdered and her killer is suspected to be Marcus Boone. Her husband took on the appearance of Jace Corso and boarded the Raza to get revenge for her but lost his memories with the rest of the crew before he did.

Does Misaki die in dark matter?

She was killed by Two after betraying Ryo by staging a coup, calling him an ‘indecisive weakling’.

Will dark matter ever return?

The co-creator of Syfy Channel’s cancelled science fiction drama is still working to bring it back. The science fiction adventure series Dark Matter will one day return to our screens, if co-creator Joseph Mallozzi has his way.

Is there romance in Dark Matter?

Love is in the air on “Dark Matter,” or, more accurately, love is in the past. For Two (Melissa O’Neil), however, her feelings have suddenly outstripped that slow trickle of memories, leaving us to wonder about her bisexual past. Don’t worry; you won’t have to speculate for long.

What happened to Jace Corso?

In Episode Eighteen, The Raza crew hunted down Corso for One’s murder. After being injured, tracked down by Two and getting trapped in a cave in he caused by setting off explosives, Two killed him.

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How does Dark Matter end?

In a heroic last-ditch attempt to save his crew, Six detonates the blink drive, sacrificing himself so the others might survive. Maybe not the best idea, but it did contribute to one of the most thrilling cliffhangers of the show’s history.