FAQ: Where Does Akita Shinkansen Stop?

How do I get to Akita?

Buses connect Akita Airport with Akita Station in the city center (40 minutes, 950 yen one way). Direct Komachi trains on the JR Akita Shinkansen travel between Tokyo and Akita. The one way trip takes around four hours, costs about 18,000 yen and all seats require seat reservations.

Where does Shinkansen leave from Tokyo?

The 2 shinkansen terminals in Tokyo are at “Tokyo” and “Shinagawa” stations. There is no shinkansen terminal at Shinjuku station. Tokyo station is the main shinkansen terminal, and connects the Tōkaidō (Osaka), Tōhoku (Shin-Aomori), Jōetsu(Niigata) and Nagano Shinkansen bullet train lines.

Where does the Shinkansen run?

The nine Shinkansen lines take you in different directions around Japan. From Tokyo to the south runs the Tokaido Shinkansen line, connecting the capital with Osaka. The Sanyo Shinkansen line connects Osaka with Fukuoka and, from there, the Kyushu Shinkansen line runs through the island of Kyushu from north to south.

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Which part of Japan is Akita?

Akita Prefecture (秋田県, Akita-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Tōhoku region of Honshu. Its population is approximately 966,000 (as of 1 October 2019) and its geographic area is 11,637 km2 (4,493 sq mi).

How long does it take from Tokyo to Akita?

The entire trip from Tokyo to Akita is 670 kilometers and takes approximately 4 hours. Trains depart from Tokyo Station nearly every hour.

How far is Akita from Osaka?

The distance between Osaka and Akita is 692 km. The road distance is 832.6 km.

Can you eat on Shinkansen?

When riding the Shinkansen or on a long train ride in a green car (reserved seating) you are allowed to eat and drink. The seats actually have tables and cup holders. There are also food, drinks, and snacks being sold in these train cars.

Can you bring luggage on Shinkansen?

When boarding the Shinkansen, the following regulations apply: You may bring up to two pieces of baggage on board free of charge. For each bag the total of the length, width and height must not exceed 250 centimetres, the length must not exceed two meters and the weight must be no more than 30 kilograms.

Do I need to book Shinkansen in advance?

Order Shinkansen Tickets At Least 3 Days In Advance You must order at least 3 days in advance before the day of travel. I would advise you to book your shinkansen tickets as far in advance as you can, during peak season like Christmas and New Year, cherry blossom season (April) and fall foliage season (November).

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Is the Shinkansen profitable?

Not all Shinkansen are profitable, but four of the post-privatization passenger rail companies were in 2019. In part, that’s because they control valuable real estate around their stations and develop it with revenue-generating shopping centers, restaurants and hotels.

What are the Japanese Shinkansen better know as?

The Shinkansen (Japanese: 新幹線, pronounced [ɕiŋkaꜜɰ̃seɴ], lit. ‘new main line’), colloquially known in English as the bullet train, is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan.

Why is the Shinkansen so safe?

The “Crash Avoidance” and “Total System Approach” operating principles reinforced the Shinkansen’s ability to achieve absolute safety while operating with high frequency and large capacities. Besides safety, the Shinkansen is also well-known for reliability.

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Why is Akita famous?

Akita is well-known in Japan for having the highest sake consumption of any prefecture, and they also produce high-quality sake, which is also a product of rice. For visitors, Akita has popular hot springs and festivals that give a glimpse into rural, traditional Japan.

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