The Akita

The Akita is a powerful, large dog, and it is not thought to be a good breed for a novice pet owner. Some countries have even gone so far as to list it as a dangerous dog. An Akita is perfectly safe if its raised under the right conditions with proper training, and no abuse, neglect, or misuse.

The Akita is an assertive, forceful, and individualistic breed, sometimes distant with strangers, but very close to its family members, and it shows a high degree of loyalty too. These breeds are very resistant to the elements, and they can handle almost anything, but they sometimes fall prey to innate genetic conditions and a sensitivity to different drugs.

The Akita can be extremely territorial, and it might be aloof with some strangers. It has some characteristics and qualities of a feline in the kinds of actions it takes. For instance, it will preen its litter maters, clean its face when it’s finished consuming food, and be very tidy in the house. They are known to show hostilities to other dogs of the same breed and gender.

The Akita is a breed of dog in the spitz family, and it hails from the northern regions of Japan where it is very mountainous. There are a couple of kinds of Akita: the Japanese kind, called the Akita Inu, or sometimes referred to as the “Japanese Akita”, understandably, and there is the American kind, sometimes called the “Akita” or “Akita Akita”. The Japanese version has a very limited range of colors, and any other colors it shows are considered to be out of line, in accordance with the breed standard, at least. The American version comes in the full spectrum of colors. The Akita has a close-cropped double coat, and it is akin to other northern spitz breeds, like the Siberian Husky, but you’re apt to find one or two dogs with long coats in the litters because of a recessive gene.

The American version of the dog is thought to be a distinct breed, compared to the Japanese version, and in several countries around the world that’s the way it’s understood. However, in parts of Canada and the United States, they are still thought to be the same breed. They are considered to be the exact same breed, with small differences in kind instead of two distinct breeds. For a short time, the American Akita was called the “Great Japanese Dog”. The different versions of the Akita dog are probably known, all around the globe, from the story of a particularly loyal Akita. The movie, Hachi, starring an Akita and Richard Gere, tells the story of a very loyal Akita. So, while these dogs are distant with strangers, they are inordinately loyal to their masters. Combined with their hardiness, they make good companion dogs for farmers and hunters in the northern mountainous regions of Japan. It makes sense that a tracker or hunter would want a loyal companion dog that would be resistant to the elements.

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