akita-watch-dogsNaturally, the Akita breed is a born watch dog that will do anything to protect its loved ones. In turn, they make for a great watch dog for your home if you are able to establish a loving bond with the dog. The most important thing you can do to ensure your Akita is going to be a strong guard dog for your household, is to adopt one at a young age, preferably still in the puppy stages of its life. Doing this helps secure a safe feeling for the dog when it is around you, because it knows you will take care of it.

Bonding with an Adult Akita vs. a Puppy

It isn’t impossible to take in an already aged and self-sufficient Akita who may be in need of a rescue from a bad situation, however it will be much more difficult than bringing one in that is new to the world. Training an already adult Akita requires a lot of patience, love, and discipline. When acquainting an adult Akita to a new home, it is important you make sure they know you are the boss early on, and don’t let them get away with anything you don’t want them to be doing like chewing on your belongings.

Once the bond has been established between an Akita and its owner, it is very hard to break this bond. As soon as it feels comfortable with you and realizes you are the caretaker, it will do anything within its power to protect you and your household. You should never be too harsh on the dog, this mean excessive physical force or placing the dog in harsh conditions to punish it. Doing this can cause the dog to have a strong distrust towards you and will likely not want to defend you since it feels like it needs to defend itself against its owner.

Ensuring your Akita will be a good guard dog

Generally Akitas are adopted due to the fact they make such good watch dogs, and there isn’t much extra you need to do in order to achieve the desired protection from the Akita. As long as the owner is able to treat the dog kindly and make them feel like a part of the family, the dog will always follow suit and allow its owner to be its leader and it will obey and follow the owner.

Creating a healthy environment will further help your Akita to become a good strong watch dog. Giving the dog regular exercise helps keep them in shape and more able to help fend off intruders of the household. Likewise, a healthy diet keeps your Akita more aware of its surroundings and fights off heart disease and eye problems that can occur, therefore making them a much more viable guard dog than one who has trouble breathing and seeing.