akita-needs-groomingAll dogs would be better off if they received some sort of grooming, and the Akita is no exception. First of all, the Akita breed is known for being quite the shedder, not even just because it has to blow its coat twice a year, but just in general they tend to shed a lot. Needless to say, if an Akita goes a long time without being groomed, its fur is going to become very matted and tangled.

Dogs don’t enjoy having un-groomed hair, it feels good for them to have a nice soft coat compared to a rough mess. Even though dogs really don’t seem to like being groomed all the time, the result is something that they really do enjoy, and it’s nice to have a groomed dog to pet than a non-groomed.

How often should an Akita be groomed?

In order to have a dog that maintains a nice soft coat of fur, you’re going to want to have a minimum of 4 professional grooming sessions per year, essentially one for each season. However, bumping that up to six professional grooming sessions would ensure your dog would have a fresh grooming every two months which is really that point where most owners begin to say their dog would need a grooming anyways.

Scheduling this appointments ahead of time is a great way to stay on top of your dog’s grooming and also help you secure time slots that work best for you. Whenever you bring your dog in to be groomed, simply request that another appointment be scheduled two months from then, and most groomers will make sure you are reminded a few times prior to the appointment so it doesn’t slip your mind.

As for grooming your dog at home, you should really try to brush an Akita at least once per day to reduce the amount of shedding as well as keep their coat feeling fresh and soft. A bath every couple of weeks will help clean the hair and help your dog smell a little better as well, sometimes owners will even bathe their dogs weekly, but this is a little overkill in most situations.

Standard grooming procedures are all it really takes to maintain an Akitas fur, but a proper routine and sticking with that routine is the key to success.