Since Akitas are typically very good watch dogs, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they do require a decent amount of exercise, more than your average house dog. By nature the Akita breed loves to run and play, so getting them to exercise isn’t a difficult task and can be a great way to help with your own workout regimen.

Staying in shape isn’t the only reason Akitas require a moderate amount of exercise on a daily basis, they are susceptible to a few different health issues that can be prevented through regular exercise. Hip Dysplasia is rather common in Akita dogs, and when this happens the head of the femur bone will not fit into the hip socket, causing an extreme amount of pain to the dog and the dog may not be able to walk properly until surgery is done.

How often should an Akita exercise?

Exercising with your dog for 15 minute segments, 3-5 time per day, is a perfect way to keep them in shape and being healthy. Exercise may include things like going for a walk, going for a job, playing fetch with your Akita, and running through obstacle courses with them if possible.

It is important you don’t try to squeeze in two segments too close together so your dog has adequate time to rest and recuperate from the first session. Sometimes if you work out with your Akita for 15 minutes and then try to do another work out within the next hour, it can be harmful for the dog since they could still be tired from the previous activities

Exercising and interacting with other dogs


Akitas are not necessarily the most cooperative with other dogs all of the time, but if you’re able to find a friend with a dog who gets along well with your Akita, scheduling play dates with that dog is a great way to get both exercise and social interaction for your dog. Make sure your Akita is really good friends with the dog they are playing with since the Akita breed has a guard dog instinct and may mistake playful behavior with another dog as something more violent than it really is.

If you have two dogs at home, that can really be great for your Akita to get exercise whenever it wants by playing with your other dog.