Most dogs enjoy swimming to a certain extent, there’s the occasional breed that is well known for being opposed to any type of water contact, but the Akita doesn’t fall under that category. If you see an Akita, chances are it loves to swim, but there’s also the rare occurrence of an Akita who prefers to avoid water.

However, for those who are looking for a dog that they can rely on to be a good swimmer and hunting dog, the Akita still remains a solid pick, just be aware that all dogs are susceptible to a fear of water to some extent. Even some Akitas that dislike water at first can be easily taught that the water is a safe place and there’s no need to be afraid.

Teaching your Akita to Swim

For an Akita who doesn’t naturally adapt to the water and enjoy swimming, there are certain ways you can help acquaint your dog to the water. If your dog is especially adaptive to you and you both have a strong bond together, simply being in the water yourself can really help your dog to enjoy the water as well. If the dog is hesitant about getting in, jump in and call the dog over in an inviting voice that the dog is familiar with and see if they come over to you.

If your dog decides to enter the water, do your very best to immediately make them feel safe, embrace the dog and pet it, and show your love and affection to the dog while it’s in the water. Try only allowing your Akita to enter shallow water at first so they can help feel a bit more secure, also try playing with the dog in the water so it knows that the water can be a fun place.

The occasional non-swimmer

It is possible that an Akita may not want to have any part of the water and swimming in general. If this happens, it is important you don’t force it on your dog, forced water entry can make a dog feel very insecure and even begin to question their owner and might not feel as safe around you. If you choose to bring an adult Akita into your home and are trying to get it to swim for the first time when it still isn’t fully acquainted to you, it may even attack.