akita-health-problemsWhen looking to adopt a dog, you of course are going to want one that is going to live a long and healthy life, so the most important part of the process is choosing the right breeder. Do some research on a few different breeders and read some reviews from dog owners who have previously went through these breeders before making a final decision.

If you adopt from a reputable breeder with a strong track record, you shouldn’t have to worry about any health problems that you won’t be able to prevent. However, regardless of the situation in which you acquired the Akita or are planning to, there are several things you absolutely have to make sure you do with your dog and for them to make sure they can stay healthy.

Common Health Problems for Akitas

A great way to prevent health problems for your dog, is knowing the most common health issues that Akitas face, this way you can properly adjust their diet or other routines to help avoid certain things that may be harmful to them or set off something that could have been avoided. Uveodermatologic Syndrome, which is known as VKH in humans, is a common eye problem in Akita dogs.

Another common health issue for the Akita, is Cruciate Ligament Injury, which causes the ligament that stabilizes the knee joint to break or tear. Normally, this problem will start far before the ligament actually tears, and is caused by a slow degeneration over a certain period of time. Hip Dysplasia is also common in Akitas, but slightly less that CLI or UVS, this is a problem that causes the head of the femur bone to not align properly with the hip, causing major pain for the dog and possible loss of hip use.

Prevention of Health Problems in Akitas

In order to prevent these common health problems in the Akita breed, there’s a couple of very simple and easy tasks you can do with your dog daily. First of all, make sure you’re getting your dog 15 minutes of exercise 3-5 times throughout the day. This can be going for a walk or a jog, or just playing fetch for a short while, anything to keep your dog active and help build strong bones and a healthy heart. Switching to a higher quality food is also very important in preventing all kinds of health problems that effect dogs.