akita-danderThe Akita breed is not necessarily known as being a dander heavy dog, but it is not completely exempt to dander either. Basically, an Akitas dander can easily be controlled with a proper grooming routine and bathing schedule. Failure to properly take care of an Akitas fur can definitely lead to a dander issue which is uncomfortable for the dog as well as a possible allergy igniter which can be quite the nuisance for the owner.

Preventing Dander on an Akita

The most effective way to reduce dander on an Akita and likely prevent any trace of it is to bathe your dog a minimum of once per month. In addition to the bathing, you should also be brushing your dog daily if possible, but at the very least a few times a week to make sure their fur stays untangled and soft. In almost every scenario these two steps are more than enough to ensure that an Akita stays dander-free.

Combatting Persistent Dander Issues

In the event that a monthly bath and a daily brush just don’t seem to cut it and your Akita has a persistent dander problem, there’s a few things you can try to combat the problem. First, try going for two baths per month, or try a different brand of shampoo that is designed to combat dander problems, also, try to brush your dog twice a day for a while. See if any of these solutions are enough to make your Akitas dander issue go away, but if not you’ll need to move on to the next option.

There are several products that can be used in addition to a dog shampoo that will help fight dandruff on your dog. When purchasing one of these products, it is important you find one that is going to work and specifically work with an Akita. Read some reviews online about the product and see if it has worked well with previous customers.

You can also try calling your breeder if available and see if they have any suggestions for fighting dander, since other dogs from the same breeder may have a similar dander issue they have been able to fix in the past. Generally, a bath every month accompanied by a daily brushing will get the job done, so if you’re looking to adopt an Akita don’t be thrown off by some rare cases of dander.