Unfortunately, Akitas are one of the breeds that can really go either way in regards to being accepting of cats or not. If some cases the Akita may befriend the cat early and they can begin a long friendship together, however, there are other cases where the Akita may see the cat as a threat or an enemy and this does not make a happy living environment for the owner or the animals.

Of course the best way to go about seeing the compatibility of your Akita and a new cat, or your cat and a new Akita, would be to have a trial run for a few days to see how they get along. Most importantly, you should not leave an Akita and a cat alone if you do not know they will get along. Additionally, do not assume just because the Akita and the cat seemed friendly for a day or two that they will get along when you’re away, try to have two solid weeks of no odd behavior before leaving them alone.

When leaving the two animals alone, try to be cautious as you can never be certain what your Akita is capable of doing with your cat if they haven’t been friends since a young age. Giving your cat an elevated safe house to go to if they ever feel your Akita is getting too rough with them is a great way to ensure that they’ll be safe with your dog. Cats are typically smart enough to avoid any danger that your dog may knowing or unknowingly be causing.

The very best way to ensure a happy friendship between an Akita and a cat, is to adopt both of them around the same time and both at a very young age, preferably in the puppy and kitten stages. If they become acquainted when they are both being introduced to you and the household for the first time, this will really help them establish a strong bond together since they will both know the other one as always being there.

In reality it would be ideal to avoid having both an Akita and a cat in the same household if at all possible, so if you’re already housing a cat you may want to avoid adopting an Akita dog unless you plan on having them in separate places when you’re away and are able to introduce them properly.