• Do Akitas have Dander?

    Do Akitas have Dander?

    The Akita breed is not necessarily known as being a dander heavy dog, but it is not completely exempt to dander either. Basically, an Akitas dander can easily be controlled with a proper grooming routine and bathing schedule. Failure to properly take care of an Akitas fur can definitely lead […]

  • Do Akitas get along with cats?

    Unfortunately, Akitas are one of the breeds that can really go either way in regards to being accepting of cats or not. If some cases the Akita may befriend the cat early and they can begin a long friendship together, however, there are other cases where the Akita may see […]

  • Can Akitas be left alone?

    In most cases Akitas are just like any other breed of dog when it comes to when and how often they should be left alone. If you adopted the Akita as a puppy and have had them grow up in your home and they know you and are able to […]

  • Akita Health

    We bred our first litter in 1989, after several years of studying, joining Akita clubs in England (where we lived until 1987) and in the USA, then eventually purchasing our dogs (one at a time!), studying some more, showing them to their championships, studying, talking, listening, attending seminars, studying pedigrees, […]





Akita Lifespan

akita lifespan