• How Much Does an Akita Cost?

    How Much Does an Akita Cost?

    The average cost of an Akita puppy in the U.S. is around $788 to $1,261. Of course, you can always call multiple breeders by reaching out to them in the Yellow Pages or through the back-end classifieds ads in the local newspaper. You can also try puppy mills, pet shops, […]

  • Akita Temperament

    Akita Temperament

    The Akita is a large and powerful dog, and if you encounter the wrong side of its temperament, you might get bitten. That’s a fair warning that you shouldn’t approach any unknown Akita, and you shouldn’t expect that a new Akita is going to be friendly around an Akita you […]

  • Akita Rescue

    Akita Rescue

    We urge anyone looking for a loving companion to visit their local shelters before purchasing a dog from a breeder.  If you just want a loving, loyal canine friend, a ‘pal’ – you will be saving a life by adopting a dog from a shelter. That dog will love you […]

  • Akita History

    Akita History

    The Akita Inu is the largest of the Japanese breeds of dog, and one whose true origins have no comprehensive documentation. It is a dog that evolved in the mountainous regions of Akita Prefecture, but that later on, at various points in time prior to the 20th century, had other breeds intentionally – and […]

  • Do Akitas Shed?

    Do Akitas Shed?

    Shedding is a common thing for pretty much every breed of dog, although some breeds are definitely more of a shedder than other breeds. Akitas fall under the category of a major shedding dog, not only do they blow they coat twice per year which results in a lot of […]

  • Do Akitas need to be groomed?

    Do Akitas need to be groomed?

    All dogs would be better off if they received some sort of grooming, and the Akita is no exception. First of all, the Akita breed is known for being quite the shedder, not even just because it has to blow its coat twice a year, but just in general they […]

  • Do Akitas need a lot of exercise?

    Do Akitas need a lot of exercise?

      Since Akitas are typically very good watch dogs, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they do require a decent amount of exercise, more than your average house dog. By nature the Akita breed loves to run and play, so getting them to exercise isn’t a difficult task and can […]

  • Do Akitas make good watch dogs?

    Do Akitas make good watch dogs?

    Naturally, the Akita breed is a born watch dog that will do anything to protect its loved ones. In turn, they make for a great watch dog for your home if you are able to establish a loving bond with the dog. The most important thing you can do to […]

  • Do Akitas like Swimming?

    Do Akitas like Swimming?

    Most dogs enjoy swimming to a certain extent, there’s the occasional breed that is well known for being opposed to any type of water contact, but the Akita doesn’t fall under that category. If you see an Akita, chances are it loves to swim, but there’s also the rare occurrence […]

  • Do Akitas have health problems?

    Do Akitas have health problems?

    When looking to adopt a dog, you of course are going to want one that is going to live a long and healthy life, so the most important part of the process is choosing the right breeder. Do some research on a few different breeders and read some reviews from […]





Akita Lifespan

akita lifespan