In most cases Akitas are just like any other breed of dog when it comes to when and how often they should be left alone. If you adopted the Akita as a puppy and have had them grow up in your home and they know you and are able to obey the rules of the household, there should be no problem leaving them home alone for a reasonable amount of time.

Akitas that were rescued or adopted at an adult age may have a lot more trouble staying home alone in a brand new household. Dogs that aren’t knowledgeable of the household rules are obviously much more susceptible to breaking these rules which may include chewing on things they are not supposed to and having accidents on the floor.

However the best way to begin the process of leaving your Akita home alone, is to start out with very short increments of time with limited access to the house. Possibly try leaving the Akita with access to only one or two rooms and only leave them for an hour or two, then when you return you can see if they caused any problems in the small area for the short period of time. Next, try keeping them in a small area for a longer period of time, and then from that point you can open up a few more rooms giving them more areas to roam around in.

Once your Akita has become accustomed to its home alone time, they’ll likely just stay in one area of the house until you return home because dogs seem to always obtain this habit. If you have other animals in the house, avoid leaving them home alone with your Akita in a situation where they are contained in the same small area, at least at the beginning.

If your other animals are already good friends with your Akita and they have an established bond together, you shouldn’t have to worry about keeping them separated while you’re away, and they’ll actually help keep each other interested in something other than terrorizing the household. The most important thing you can do is slowly incorporate the home alone time and see how it goes, try to avoid leaving an Akita puppy alone as puppies are much more known for being destructive compared to an adult dog.